Imperfectly Perfect is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization
that promotes & advocates for children’s self-esteem, strength, awareness & positivity
CEO/Founder Jaime Lynn has used her 29 year journey with heart disease to create the foundation for Imperfectly Perfect. Jaime works closely within the Heart Disease Community, but keeps her reach through the organization broad to encompass her vision of working with children of all walks of life, to instill the belief of acceptance, inspiration and spreading love. 
Imperfectly Perfect is determined to help children going through difficult experiences understand their personal worth, build their strength and focus on the beauty behind their struggle. We do this by advocating for & with them in order to not only build their self esteem, but to increase their positivity & personal development. iP unites people going through the same or similar experiences, in order to form the correct support system. We do not focus on one type of experience, but rather connect and support anyone who needs help.
We are an organization that centers around positivity, and teaches others how to view their difficult experiences in a positive light. We are determined to highlight the beauty behind struggle, provide individuals with the platform to inspire others through sharing their journey while creating a support system simultaneously. 


Imperfectly Perfect is a non-profit organization that is only made possible through the support and donations of people around the world who believe in our cause.

Jaime Lynn, CEO/Founder of Imperfectly Perfect, would like to share a few thoughts with you. Her letter will help you understand what it means to be Imperfectly Perfect, her vision, and how each and every one of you are involved in your own way.

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