Bring Imperfectly Perfect & Heart Health to your company!

CEO/Founder Jaime Lynn will set up a day at your company filled with philanthropy and heart health. Imperfectly Perfect’s collaboration with Baseline Health, provides companies the opportunity to get involved with their community while educating their employees on the necessity to be heart healthy, and providing them a convenient platform to take charge of their health.
Baseline Health is a medical practice management company that aggregates health related services and cutting edge technology platforms for its physician clients and their patients for the purpose of transforming how healthcare is delivered and accessed. This model has afforded Baseline and its physician clients the ability to provide a comprehensive and convenient concierge VIP clinical service at the workplace. This invaluable platform provides a solution for the employer regarding rising health care costs and absenteeism along with allowing the employee to be proactive with their health and prevent the onset of chronic illness or catastrophic health events before they occur.
Baseline Health’s providers offer a health and wellness physical that has a strong concentration for cardiovascular health which includes complete blood work analysis, Electrocardiogram (EKG), Echocardiograms and Carotid Artery Ultrasound.

Jaime Lynn, CEO/Founder of Imperfectly Perfect, will introduce herself to the company and share her own personal story with heart health. Following her introduction, a quick 10-15 educational presentation will be given by a professional which focuses around heart health, nutrition and exercise.
Lastly, each employee will take advantage of the Medical RV parked outside the establishment where they will have a physical in additional to cardiovascular screening.

Baseline Health’s providers work with all major medical insurance. Patients are only responsible for co-pays where they apply.


If you are interested in setting up an event, and bringing Heart Health to your business, please contact Jaime Lynn directly at or 1800.828.0730