Imperfectly Perfect is a 501c3 Nonprofit Organization that provides Advocacy, Education and Support to the Congenital Heart Disease Community; while promoting overall heart health and a healthy lifestyle!

For years, multi-level marketing has dominated the sales industry because instead of each person building a large community, each person focuses on “sharing the opportunity” with only a small group of people, who then share the same opportunity with an additional group of people. This grows the company exponentially fairly quickly.

Our theory, is that if we can apply this strategy to Imperfectly Perfect, the organization will rapidly grow which in return means we can help more people! So, we are asking that everyone who is interested in joining our organization uses this theory. The only way Imperfectly Perfect is going to grow, is by reaching different markets and different people…so we need your help!

By joining our team, it means you will proudly share our mission on the importance of having a healthy heart and living a healthy life. Imperfectly Perfect will add you to our email list to keep you up to date with our programs, send you tips on diet/nutrition, invite you to our fundraisers and give you access to a number of services that our sponsors offer!! 

If you are willing to join our organization and be a part of something SO MUCH BIGGER than yourself, please follow the instructions below!

Thank you in advance for sharing our passion of helping people, raising awareness for Congenital Heart Disease and for promoting overall heart health and a healthy lifestyle!

“ 1 in every 4 people die from Heart Disease in the United States”

“Heart Disease is the leading cause of death”


GOAL: For each person to join Imperfectly Perfect, and get 8 friends/family to join with them!

Step 1:  Click the link which will take you to our Facebook page and “like” & “follow” us!  Our Facebook!

Step 2: Create a list of 8 friends or family that you want to share Imperfectly Perfect with

Step 3: Email to introduce yourself & to share your list!

Step 4: Reach out to all 8 people on your list and then send them this web page!