This program is designed to help the homeless by providing food, clothes and options to the homeless in New York City.  Each winter, Imperfectly Perfect collects winter clothes and donations to  help the homeless both physically and mentally. After speaking to each individual about their story, Imperfectly Perfect allows them to pick a clothing item, and then offers to purchase them dinner from a local restaurant, meals ranging anywhere from $5-15 per meal. CEO & Founder, Jaime Lynn explains “Its incredible to get on the floor with them and to hear about their life, and really listen to what they say. The look of astonishment that is on their face when someone is there to not only hear them, but to  really listen to them, is incredible. My favorite thing is the look on their face when they are able to choose their clothes, and then we tell them to look down the block and choose what they want to eat for dinner- watching their eyes light up with choice….with life… there’s nothing better.”

If you have warm items to donate, please contact Jaime directly at

Donations are available by check or through the website.