Imperfectly Perfect?

It’s important to understand that being Imperfectly Perfect, is something everyone is capable of being because we do NOT limit the experiences which are important to this organization. ANY experience in life, which in return teaches you a lesson, regardless how large or small that lesson is; you are able to be deemd Imperfectly Perfect!! In addition to learning from your experience, and educating others on it; being Imperfectly Perfect requires more than just an experience. By taking on the title of being Imperfectly Perfect, you are saying to the world;  You accept others  You are not one to judge  You believe in the importance of positivity  You value support and are willing to give that support when needed  You care about the people around you & understand the importance of working together  You want to help transform the world into a caring, beautiful and compassionate place!   *If you are someone who has an experience, even if you do not want to tell the world, we advise you to still write your story down and to keep it for your eyes only. People don’t understand the power behind writing, until you do it. Imperfectly Perfect’s staff has received so many emails from people thanking us for giving them the opportunity to write, and to self reflect on their life….try it.