Our Mission:

Imperfectly Perfect is a non-profit 501c3 organization geared towards improving the quality of life by extending the outlet of support. This encompasses educational,  emotional, financial, spiritual, inspirational as well as any additional support our audience needs. We provide peer to peer counseling, connecting individuals who have been through the same or similar situations in order to form the correct support system. We work with individuals to identify their “blessing in disguise” within their specific situation in life. We do this in various ways and give the option to record their story, or journey,  through written or video logs. This provides the opportunity to reflect and understand personal strength and positivity, while also providing a platform  share their story and become an inspiration to those who are in the same or similar situation. We want people to understand that going through the most difficult situations, provides us the ability to learn the greatest lessons about ourselves, each other and life; which is why we need to be proud of them. There is no shame in struggle but rather beauty and growth. Our goal is to eliminate the misconception and what the world has previously stereotyped as “imperfect.”  We teach people to not only be proud of the qualities or experiences that make them stand out and separate them from the rest of society but to embrace them and take a stand to teach others to do the same. This is what being Imperfectly Perfect is all about; realizing our “imperfections” are what make us perfect.

“Those who are blessed with a struggle,

are equally blessed with the gift to inspire”

What We Do:

By taking any life altering experience and showing the Blessing in Disguise, we have been able to instill confidence in those who need it; Educate others on acceptance and individuality; while connecting everyone, and creating a support system, simultaneously. We are determined to create an improved definition of perfect.

It’s important that everyone not only embraces their unique experiences, but that they are proud of them as well. This improved definition of perfect revolves around the idea that any situation, even negative ones, have the ability to affect our lives positively due to the lessons and qualities our situations force us to learn. Each experience, no matter how physically, mentally, or emotionally challenging, ends up teaching us about ourselves and about life that are qualities we would not have learned otherwise. It is these qualities that deserve to be praised.  This improved definition of perfect is going to allow people who have undergone or witnessed a life altering experience, to be proud of who they are.

We provide a  source of support by connecting individuals with life altering experiences together. Many times, people do not have the correct support system in life, which may lead them to depression, anxiety, anti-social behavior, or even suicide. Imperfectly Perfect refuses to allow this cycle to exist! With the help of our supporters, and everyone who has witnessed, learned and contributed their personal experiences, we are able to link people going through similar situations, eliminating the feeling of being alone, scared, or apprehensive about any situation. Connecting people does not always involve directly linking two individuals, sometimes reading about someones experience is enough support; while other times an individual would like to speak directly to the donator of the story which would be organized through IP.

Many people who have been through life altering experiences, share a common view on life. For the individuals without experiences, IP is able to educate them and portray the “bigger picture” without having them experience their own situations. A “crash course” so to speak! Many people who do not know of hardships, or specific challenges in their life, may not understand the amazing gift of life or how fast that life can be altered, or even taken away. It’s important that everyone understands never to take anything for granted, because you never know what lies ahead.