Imperfectly Perfect is a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Organization
that Advocates, Educates and Supports the Congenital Heart Disease Community while raising awareness for overall Heart Health

Imperfectly Perfect is an organization that is determined to help children with Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) and their families, form the correct emotional support system. We work with other organizations, and hospitals nationwide, to connect CHD patients. Our goal is to put time, energy and resources into helping nurture two individuals, or two families, build a lasting healthy relationship.

“Growing up with CHD, it was not long before I understood that I was different than most children. Each doctors appointment, each surgery, each restriction; caused stress, not only to myself, but to those around me. However, my scar, and all of the emotional hurdles which accompanied it, instilled the passion within me to create a world where children with CHD should not have to feel isolated but rather empowered. My experiences with CHD, instilled my personal mantra that; those blessed with a struggle in life, are equally blessed with the gift to inspire. I am determined to help children with CHD, not only embrace their heart disease, but use it as a motivator to help others in their situation. This will give purpose to their lives, help them live a healthy lifestyle, and create a support system simultaneously.      

I understand first-hand how having the correct support can change the entire path of someone’s life.

-Jaime Lynn, CEO/Founder


Imperfectly Perfect is a non-profit organization that is only made possible through the support and donations of people around the world who believe in our cause.

Jaime Lynn, CEO/Founder of Imperfectly Perfect, would like to share a few thoughts with you. Her letter will help you understand what it means to be Imperfectly Perfect, her vision, and how each and every one of you are involved in your own way.

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