It is important to understand that Imperfectly Perfect does NOT focus on any one type of life altering experience. If you have gone through an experience in life, and were able to learn and grow from that experience as a person; you are placed into the category of Imperfectly Perfect.

We are asking YOU to share your story with the world…*even if you wish to do it anonymously

here are many people out there who are in the same situation as you, and have no one to turn to, reading your story can help change their life!

Donating your story is easy, you have two options;

A)- Write your story and send it to

*There are questions below which will help you focus on certain topics while writing your story

B)- Ghost write your story!

1)- Email to tell us what category your experience falls under (surgery, bullying, death etc…)

2)- We then send you a form to fill out which applies to your experience

3)- Once filled out, send it back to us and we will compile all of your answers together, into a beautiful story!

Anytime a story is donated, there are a few steps which take place. The story will be edited, and send to you for approval. Nothing will be posted without you electronically signing that your story is truthful and you are happy with it!!

We appreciate your effort of wanting to change a life, and make this world a better place!

Here are some tips to help you write YOUR story.

Try to paint a picture for your reader. The better your paint; the easier it is for your reader to connect with you & your experience!

What kind of an experience have you been through? (use medical terms where they apply please)

How was your life before this situation?

How did you feel going through your situation? *This is important because your thoughts and feelings during your experience are what people going through the same situation as you, will be able to relate to

How long did your situation last?/ Are you currently still going through it?

What did you learn from your situation? *The point of this is to educate individuals and give them knowledge that they would normally not have had if they did not read your story

Did you have support while going through this situation? *If you did, who supported you and why did it help? If not, would you have felt better having someone there to support you through your experience?

What advice would you give someone going through your situation? *Include how to approach the situation/ways to deal with it

Why do you feel your situation can be viewed as a Blessing in Disguise? *What did you learn about yourself, or life

Why did you decide to donate your story to Imperfectly Perfect?

Thank you very much for wanting to share your story with the world.

The strength of the human spirit is incredible, you are living proof of that