Sharing your story is the perfect opportunity to reflect on your own personal journey,

To inspire those who walk in similar shoes as yours,

And to help us create a support system simultaneously!


Each story written has two goals in mind:

  1. To allow the reader to reflect on their own personal journey, their obstacles, achievements and lessons learned.
  2. To inspire those who read your story with your insights, advice and inspiration

We want this to be a writing process for you, something that you enjoy. Our only guideline is that you follow the format of the story, so that each story written, flows together. Once the story is written, you will send it to for edits/comments. Once the final version is approved (by you), you will sign off on the story and we can share it!

We ask that one the story is complete, each picture is accompanied by a personal picture of you holding either a hand written sign, or our printed logo, which reads “Scars Are Beautiful”

 Okay…time to begin!

First Paragraph: Your introduction! Who are you? How old are you? Where do you live?  What condition were you born with? What surgeries have you had? Are you on any medication?  Do you know anyone else with heart disease?

Second Paragraph: What were some of your fears now (or growing up) from different situations you have been in due to your situation with Heart Disease? How did you deal with these fears? What got you over them?

Third Paragraph: What are some positive things you have learned from your situation with heart disease?

Fourth Paragraph: If there is someone reading this story who is in your shoes, what would you tell them? How should they approach their situation with Heart Disease

Last Paragraph: Why did you share your story?


Thank you for sharing your story with us!